Trained staff having practical experience in Design, Modeling, Detailing, Simulation and Analysis, using the latest cad packages like AutoCAD2007, Pro-E Wildfire, Unigraphics NX, Catia V4, V5 , Ansys, Hyper Mesh, Inventor 10 Professional  etc.


  *  Concept design.

  *  Detailing & Drafting.

  *  3D solid and surface modeling of Product and Customer View Models.

  *  Top-down and Bottom-up assembly creation.

  *  Parametric design methods.

  *  Re-Engineering and Reverse-Engineering.

  *  Tool-Design.

  *  Design of Jigs and Fixtures.

  *  FEA.


Project samples :


  * Design of Rack for the given PCB layout with front panel for Output connecting devices.


  * Reverse Engineering -


Modeling of Entire Power Distribution Unit.


  * ManuScript Scanner


This Scanner was designed to a NGO named Mahabharatha Samshodhana Prathistanam, Bangalore.


  *  Scissor Table


This Collapsible table is a work table which is installed in the digital mobile lab.


  *  Automation for cutting the wire for manufacturing needle

This is an automation project for cutting a
pre cut raw wire for needle manufacturing.

* Watch mechanism-Dial side (3D Surfacing).


* Automatic Inking mechanism for dial printing.

* Chemical Effluent treatment plant (3D Surfacing).


* Proposal concept for Law college-3D rendered image.



  *  Precision Press tool drawing.


  *  Jig drawing for precision component.


  *  FEA of components and generation of results..