E-Cataloguing :

                     Electronic cataloguing of your products widens the reach of your company, provides easy viewing of product-specifications and selection/ordering of products to your customers. Building your web-based or CD-based product catalog is one of our main focus areas.

Here is how electronic cataloguing can benefit you and your customer (as opposed to printed catalogs):


1.   Built-in intelligence to allow users to select only possible    permutations and combinations of product specifications.


2.   Reduced requirement of customer support due to greater clarity in communication of product information.


3.   Information such as availability of products/tools, lead times, etc. is readily accessible by customers and company planners in web-based catalogs.


4.   Selection of a product name / description by the customer automatically generates the product code, thus avoiding costly errors in ordering.


4.   Leveraging the Internet for enabling users to Email their enquiries/orders as opposed to traditionally expensive methods.


One of the special features of our model of electronic cataloguing is that it allows the user to smoothly navigate through a dynamic, feedback-oriented set of products and specifications.


The image below shows a screenshot of a product catalog developed by us for a Switzerland based watch hands manufacturer.